Everything you wanted to know about the Stereolife eMotion attraction
This is cool!
The company got a diploma of The 18th International Exhibition “Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAPPA EXPO – 2016” “For the most innovative and breakthrough product in the virtual reality field”
2DOF dynamic platform
This is interesting!
Dizziness, nausea, sore eyes and other things will accompany your visitors if you don’t have a dynamic platform installed!
If you are ok with that, stop reading this article. For the more curios ones we’ll tell more. The dynamic platform is one of the main parts of the attraction with helmets. In the majority of cases unpleasant feelings during your visits to attractions with helmets occur due to a mismatch between the perception of the reality by the organs of eyesight and hearing which react to the virtual world and the vestibular system, which is in fact in the real world. For example, we see and hear that we are storming in a carriage on the roller coaster, but our body rests (because we are standing on a firm or slightly vibrating platform). So our brain can’t align the contravening data. As a result, we get the above-mentioned side effects. That can lead to only one thing – your client will visit your attraction only once and you will never see them again which is not the best thing for your business. The dynamic platform will be a game-changing factor in the situation like that. You feel what you see! You visitors will enjoy it tremendously and you business will only benefit from it.
15 exclusive videos available
Are you kidding? They’ve offered you only 10 videos in the set?! And half of them are so bad that it’s better not to show them to your clients at all. Are you ok with that? Seriously?
Nowadays content is everything! More videos! Even more! That’s what the visitors need when they really enjoy your attraction! There are so many things to choose from, so many things to get joy out of! And this gives you the opportunity to earn money without having to buy new content, very often quite mediocre to be honest. Our videos are exclusive and of high quality, you won’t find them on the internet or from your competitors.
Complies with the American and European Ride Safety Standards
Not less important!
A visitor gets thrown out of the attraction platform during its operation due to the loss of orientation?! What if it’s a child with weak hands?!
Sounds extreme but your visitors are definitely not extreme sportsmen. Such an attraction will never be certified for safety in developed countries! We pay extra attention to safety regulations. We want you to enjoy the experience of safe operation of our equipment.
An Oculus Rift helmet is included in the set
All inclusive!
So you buy it, install and go to the shop to buy a TV set and a helmet. Some may enjoy this “Do-it-yourself” kit but we offer a different solution.
There is no need for extra purchases. Just unpack, install, switch on and operate!
A TV-set are included in the set
And again!
Yes, an excellent TV-set (43") is included in the set!
Amusement Rides

Stereolife equipment is a unique solution for the entertainment industry. It’s the best choice for small and mid-sized companies. Its advantages are fast payback, high popularity and a guarantee by the manufacturer. You will also get a post-warranty service and support for the video content. Stereolife is the industry blockbuster on many markets around the globe. We move forward and keep up to date with modern trends. Nowadays the virtual reality is conquering the world. The attractions based on Oculus Rift helmets are becoming more and more popular (Oculus Rift DK2). You can buy the virtual helmet separately but now it’s clear that the times of a stand and a computer attached to it are over. The user wants to emerge into the virtual reality experiencing high quality videos showed with the help of decent equipment.

Stereolife eMotion
Stereolife eMotion. A mind-blowing craze in the virtual world! For those who long for more! More emotions! More fun! While sitting in the Rifter a visitor feels more or less protected, standing on the moving platform eMotion will make them fully immerse into the virtual world!

New Stereolife Rifter!
New Rifter! Everything is new in it! Even feeling - fresh and brighter! Dynamic platform will take you to another reality with wind speeds. Not even wind, the hurricane! Generated by new big fan. Trays for helmets are on the back of the rack now for more convenience. There are only three control buttons. Powerful sound. Bright LED backlights. And a large TV. All to lure visitors. That they have only one wish. Try a different reality!

Stereolife Rifter Mobile
Rifter Mobile is a Rifter’s version on the go. Virtual reality becomes mobile and comes to the most distant and remote corners of our big planet! It’s compact, convenient, reliable, and embodies all of our best features. For your business. Anywhere. Anytime.

Stereolife Horror House
Horror House. The attraction which enjoys popularity in all countries of the world and among visitors of all ages from young to old. As a rule, this attraction is installed in a big pavilion in the park. Would you like to squeeze the horror into a smaller area, so that you pay less for rent and are able to put it in the mall?

Stereolife Optimum
Stereolife Optimum 5D cinema. The very name Stereolife Optimum 5D hides the secret of its popularity and a huge number of attractions installed all around the world. This secret is the optimality of the product as a whole and of its every single detail. Incredible simplicity in use, 24/7 operation possibility and a big return on every dollar invested.

Stereolife Optimum Mobile
STEREOLIFE-MOBILE is an advanced mobile 5D cinema STEREOLIFE OPTIMUM on the go. It provides 100% mobility of your business. You can place it into any location from a spot in an open field at a staff party, a place at the beach, to a small town for a few weeks.
Stereolife worldwide


A great number of videos we created have a world-class quality, embody fresh ideas, interesting plot twists seasoned with the use of the most advanced modern technologies. Our highly qualified employees are so passionate about what they do, so that they spend every day tailoring our product to perfection to suit your expectations and to satisfy your most demanding client. Our license fees are very low which allows our clients and us to look into the future with confidence. In addition to that the videos of our own production are available only for the buyers of Stereolife equipment, and, therefore, provide a competitive edge for attracting new clients.

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